Journal Entry Day 2

As I have previously mentioned, the Sun rises and sets very early in Brazil – my internal sense of what time it should be goes completely haywire in Brazil. Especially after just finishing a Canadian winter, I was shocked at how bright it was so early in the morning. We got up fairly early, but it was so bright it felt like mid-afternoon.

We had breakfast, which mainly consisted of breads and cheeses, as well as some fruits I’ve never had before. I was very excited to try the different fruits, but I realized they aren’t anything drastically different from what you can get in Canada, I just tend to stick to Apples, Oranges, Pears, Grapes, Bananas and Strawberries. Most large grocery chains in Canada will have lots of imported fruits and vegetables. It will be fresher in Brazil, but it’s not like any fruit in Canada is fresh during the winter months.

During the day, we went to a bar on the praia (beach), and sat on the coast. That morning Minha Namorada (my girlfriend) was very upset at the weather, because it was very foggy. I still loved it, and it cleared up fairly quickly. Sure it was foggy, but it was still bright and the weather felt wonderful.

Journal 2 pic 1
Praia de Tambaba – we stayed away from the nudist side of this beach

When sitting in groups in Brazil, the more common practice is that rather than ordering a beer each, there is a larger (600 ml) beer bought and everyone shares from that one in small glasses. The large beer remains in a container to keep it cold, and by having everyone pour drinks from the same bottle, we would finish it before it got warm. Obviously, Brazilians are experts in dealing with the heat, and it shows. I actually try to continue this practice in Canada now.

About half of Minha Namorada’s friends spoke English, and they were all very wonderful. Even those that don’t, we would muddle our way through using Google Translate, or others to help. Some of her friends seemed to feel a bit shy when speaking English, but I told them I would be far worse speaking in Portuguese (which I subsequently proved true), and that not to worry. I very much understand being shy when speaking in a foreign language, as I struggle a lot to try to speak to anyone but Minha Namorada in Portuguese. I constantly worry I will mess up. Alcohol loosens the inhibitions though, and so it definitely helped everyone feel comfortable to talk.

The tide comes in very quickly, so we didn’t spend too much time there (during high tide, depending on the table you choose, the seating area becomes more water than land). We then went to a very nice restaurant, Restaurante Canyon de Conqueirinho on Praia de Conqueirinho. I know it was very nice, because current Governor of the State (the Brazilian equivalent of a Premier) was eating at the table behind us. What is interesting in Brazil is that upscale restaurants tend to have meals designed to be shared by two or four people. From looking at Cardapios (menus) at restaurants, that seems to be almost more common than individual plates. I like the sharing culture, as I think it contributes to a feeling of congeniality. There were lots of individual meals available though, and I think any meal for two or four could be prepared in individual portions (whether for allergy, or other reasons).

The weather had cleared up, so we took a bunch more pictures at this point. Minha Namorada still complained about the weather not being as nice as it could be, but I couldn’t even look towards the sky without my sunglasses or I would be forced to close my eyes because it was so bright.

Below are a few pictures from Praia de Conqueirinho:

Journal 2 pic 2Journal 2 pic 3Journal 2 pic 4

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