Updated: Crossing the Border

Okay, so you’ve decided you want to visit Brazil. That’s great, and I’m happy to hear!

There are some additional steps required that a Canadian might not be used to if you’ve only ever traveled to the States, or Western Europe.

Visa Requirements

The Canadian Government publishes details of tourist visa requirements available here.

The way to apply for a Brazilian Tourist Visa is through the Brazilian Consulates in Canada. The Toronto one has a website available here.

Personally, I found the E-Visa was the best for me, especially the price, but make sure to read and pick the one best suited for yourself.

The photograph specifications don’t specifically state it needs to be passport quality, but when I spoke to the consulate they told me it should be. Note that you should specify to the person taking your photograph that it is for a Brazilian Visa, as they should have options to crop the picture to the correct dimensions.

*Update – Effective June 17, 2019 you may be able to visit Brazil without a visa for up to 90 days.  I’d still suggest confirming this with the Brazilian consulate here but this may mean you can decide you’ve had enough of winter some random cold day in February.


The Canadian Government has publishes recommendation for vaccines, as does the World Health Organization.

You should note that the Yellow Fever is generally available only through travel clinics, and many health insurance plans in Canada do not cover it. There is currently a shortage of Yellow Fever Vaccines, so only fractional doses are available at the time. Please see here for further details on obtaining yours.

Travel Insurance

I don’t understand why anyone would travel outside of Canada without it. Personally, I print out two copies – one to go with me wherever I go, one to stay in my passport. I also keep a scanned copy of my Visa, Passport, and Health Insurance in my email inbox, just in case.

Register your travel

It is always good to let the Canadian Government know you are travelling abroad, in case there is a natural disaster or some other reason you need their assistance. You can do this here.

It is important to have an emergency contact, and make sure to tell them you are using them as your emergency contact.